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Serving a large variety of Vegetarian, Chicken, Lamb, Fish and Seafood dishes -prepared by highly experienced Chefs. Curries, tikka/kababs, and more. We serve tons of vegan and gluten free items. Dine In, Take Out, Delivery & Catering.
Certified Halal حلال

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Hamilton Friends Meetup Group...

The food at The Flavour of Himalaya is wonderfully aromatic, so tender it melts in your mouth just an absolutely delightful dining experience. The menu has something for everyone and cooked to your taste. The price points are great $3.00 range for most appetizers, $10 - $20 for most entrees. The platter we had last night was $10.99 with a choice of Lamb Korma or Butter Chicken with rice, salad, lentils, nan bread a dessert and papadums. It was delicious.

We loved having you guys, thank you!

Shiva Chandrachary says

Absolutely one of the best restaurants we have eaten in. We walked in 45 mins before their closing time and yet the generosity and service was great. And most importantly, the food was amazing! You definitely have to try the samosas as it was freshly made just for us and it was crunchy. All of the food was made fresh and right to the order.

We loved having you, thank you!

Charlotte Adamson says so good -Local Guide(Level 5)

This place is so good. I have been countless times and it is consistently great. When they say food is spicy, they aren't lying like so many other restaurants. So flavourful and great prices. The restaurant is never busy for eat in too which I love. They have a seperate vegan menu, win!!!

Thanks so much Charlotte! We always look forward to seeing you.

R. P. loves our Tikka Masala and Aloo Mutter

ow! SO delicious! Their Tikka Masala and Aloo mutter is out-of-this-world delicious. I'm embarrassed to say that's all we've ever ordered and have yet to try new dishes; but it's just so good! It has become our comfort food, and we crave it way too often. The rice is amazing on its own, and don't get me started on the naan... YUM.

Thanks for the great complement R. P.! We always look forward to seeing you.

Tyler MacDougall rates us in the top Indian spots -Local Guide(Level 5)

Stumbled upon this place and decided to try it with a group of 6. Fantastic food at great prices. Definitely worth a visit. One of the top Indian spots in Hamilton. Will be going back

Thanks so much for the great review Tyler MacDougall. We always look forward to seeing you.

5 stars from Peter Vander Klippe -Local Guide(level 5)

Love getting takeout here. The food is excellent (5-stars) but we've had it more than once where it takes longer to prepare then they told us. For instance on our last order they told us it would take 45 minutes, so I showed up with my daughter 45 minutes later and still had to wait 15-20 minutes longer to get my food. I don't mind waiting (because it's really good) I just wish they were more accurate in their time estimates.

Thanks for the 5 stars Peter Vander Klippe. We always look forward to seeing you. We will try faster.

Jaspreet Sidhu is a regular...

i always go there twice in a week ...the food is awesome ...i also go in other places, but i didnt get that taste as well as prices are low as compare to others...if anyone wants to taste real indian food go there and enjoy...fast service ..good food..low prices..good atmospher...friendly staff. ......one more thing dont forget to taste tandoori food ...i love it...i think its a no. 1 in this area....

Thank you Jaspreet, we always look forward to seeing you and are pleased to serve you.

Revant loves our Butter Chicken...

This is the best butter chicken I had in my life since I was in Canada. I've been to many Indian restaurants in Hamilton and I was satisfied with this taste completely.... This reminds me of home-made food, such delicious. Excellent restaurent with delicious mild and spicy to dine in.

I had a really wonderful experience with the food, people over there. I was there many times after they opened and I am one of the regular ones to taste their food. The food is delicious and I personally like spicy food as I am an Indian. Even the price is affordable compared to all other restaurants. The people over there are friendly and not like in other restaurants. Place is also in downtown, so not a problem to order for a take-out.

The butter chicken, chicken vindaloo, garlic naan, chicken tikka, momo, gulab jamun, mango lassy are my favourites and I am going to try the remaining items...ummm they are yummy..... :-)

I suggest every Indian food lover to be there once you're in Hamilton.

Thanks Revant glad to have you here!

Cat M. loves the Coconut Curry

Delicious food! I love the Coconut chicken curry and the Eggplant Baigan Bharha. We usually always call in to place our order for pick up since the wait can be long BUT i would expect that since the food is made fresh and takes times. Definitely recommend this place.

Thanks for the recommendation Cat M. We always look forward to seeing you.

Ash Allsop says Sagarmatha Curry Palace is his favorite Indian restaurant in Hamilton

Sagarmatha Curry Palace is my favorite Indian restaurant in the Hamilton area, around our house it's known only as 'that good indian place'. We originally tried this because my partner obsesses over Aloo gobi and when we saw it on the menu it was like love at first site. We've had probably close to 10 to 15 orders in the last year which is a rare feat for any restaurant to earn and the thing that just keeps bringing us back is the food. We've also been surprised on several occasions to get little bonuses to 'try' every once in a while which led me to their lentil soup which is really good and something I order for the next day now. To be more specific, I've had all of the vegetarian and vegan options on the menu at this point and to break it down the reason why its good is also why people may not enjoy it. It is authentic to the specific sub-region of the world the dishes are from, the flavors (while slightly sweeter) are normally adjusted on your terms. An example I find helps is it's much like Salt & Pepper is to western cuisine so is asking for it to be extra seasoned or spicier. I'll agree some of their tomato based sauce dishes can be fairly sweet, but it also has a huge amount of flavor and when I want it a bit stronger I add some Sriracha and the craving is satiated. Feeling like I was slightly rough on their tomato dishes (which are always in my order) some of the best flavors I've had in my mouth, period, come from their tandoor options, I frequently order their 'Veg Paneer Tikka combo' and when I first took a bite of those onions and the flavor hit my mouth it was one of the best tastes I've experienced. Also, All their rice is jeera rice which is absolutely fabulous. In no particular order these are the things I recommend. Veg Paneer Tikka Combo (Sharing or Lunch+Dinner) Aloo gobi Dal Makhni Palak Paneer Kastori Gobi Onion Bhaigiya Vegetable Pakora Garlic Naan Rice if you're ordering and want some things for the next day that taste better I highly recommend Lentil Soup or any of the Biryanis or Rices.

Thanks for the great review Ash Allsop. We always look forward to seeing you.

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  • Fully Licensed and accepting all major Credit Cards.
  • We serve tons of gluten free, dairy free and vegan items.
  • Curries, Tikka/Kababs, Tandoor Naan Bread, ... menu »
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  • Dine In, Take Out, Delivery & Catering.
  • Conveniently located downtown Hamilton near Jackson's Square.
  • Previously known as Flavour of Himalaya.
  • Operated by same management under new trade name.

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(Weekdays Only Mon-Fri) - 2:30 9:30 PM

  • Veg. $14.99
  • Non veg. $14.99


  • Veg $10.99
  • Chicken $11.99
  • Lamb $12.99
  • Shrimp $15.99

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